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KIDS Heaven Guidelines

Parent's Guidelines

  • Students must attend the school in prescribed uniform on all school days. Their uniform must be neat, clean and tidy
  • Students should reach the school on right time. Late-comers will be sent back home.
  • Students will have to do the class work and home work assigned by teachers regularly.
  • Students must possess school diary, text books, notebooks, stationery etc.
  • Students are not allowed to leave the school during school hours without prior information. They are to be escorted back home by parents.
  • Students must not bring any type of valuable articles to the school. The school will not be responsible for the safety of such things.
  • Students must follow the rules of school transport (allotted for full session).
  • Serious penalty may be imposed on the students for damaging anything of school property and disobeying the norms and guidelines of the school.
  • Mobile is strictly prohibited as per CBSE guidelines.
  • Parents are requested not to enter classrooms to see their children or teachers during school hours.
  • Parents should sign the progress report card and return it to the school within three days. If lost mutilated, a replacement will bw made after the payment of required fine of Rs.50/- at the administrative office.
  • Leave for half day is not allowed at all, for security reasons. In emergency however, written permission for leave must be taken from the Principal and the Class Teacher and the Bus In-Charge should be informed, in case the student is availing the School transport facility.
  • The tuition fees will have to be deposited as per instruction mentioned in FEE-PAY-IN-Slip in advance within the 15th day of the month. In case of late submission of the tuition fees, a fine will be charged as follows:
  • Deposit of tuition Fees within the first 15 (fifteen) days after the last date of payment of tuition fees.
    Rs. 20
  • Deposit of tuition Fees within the next 30 (thirty ) days therafter.
    Rs. 500
  • Deposit of tuition Fees therafter (Re-admision Fees).
    Rs. 1000