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KIDS Heaven About
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Best for Your Kids

Some states and countries implement mandatory early childhood education such rules, many preschool.

Being brave isn’t always a grand gesture sometimes it just means having a go attempting that difficult question, offering an answer in a lesson when you’re simply really trying new.

  • We believe every child is intelligent so we care.
  • Teachers make a difference of your child.
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Our Core Value

View classes by age, program, or subject. Check out upcoming camps
and special events too!

  • Learning & Fun

    When it comes to success in the classroom.

  • Healthy Meals

    Safety matters just as much as the academics.

  • Children Safety

    Consistent with Friend ship’s focus on KIDS Heaven.

  • Free Shipping

    Guided by teachers who are veste student success.

Friendly atmosphere for all kids

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  • Full Day Sessions
  • Varied Classes
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Parents Says

With the help of teachers and the environment as the third teacher, students
have opportunities to confidently take risks.

Happy Christmas to the whole KIDS Heaven from everyone at Monkton. A big thank you to KIDS Seaven pupil Will who lent his KIDS Heaven to this card, it's very usefull for children, join KIDS Heaven for better future.

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A.K Agarwal

Your child will laugh, play and explore at Summer at MLS. From soccer, water play, art, music, theater and science, Shabbat celebrations, cooking, they will love our academy, KIDS Heaven is best.

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D.P Sinha

Teacher Message

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Diksha Jha

Academics Personnel I want to inspire my children to want to learn more about themselves and the world around them
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Teaching My aim is to prepare every student as an expert in their respective subjects.
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Shalini Bhardwaj

Academics Personnel As a Academics Personnel, I try to give each child the utmost attention and encouragement.
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Shomya Narayan

Junior School Co-ordinator Being a academic personnel I can tell that a teacher must have affection, love and responsibilities to the children.
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