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KIDS Heaven Facilities

Facilities At Kids Heaven

Hi-tech Infrastructure
  • Our campus is equipped with Hi-Tech infrastructure along with state-of-the-art facilities like playground, smart classes, computer lab, dance studio, and specially designed singing classes, our preschool facilities are here to keep your kids educated as well as entertained.
  • A Professional Dance Classes
  • We believe dancing is a form of self-expression and can help children make creative decisions. At Kids Heaven Secondary School, we offer fun dance classes that are ideal for your preschooler.
  • Specially Designed Singing Classes
  • Exposing children to music can help children develop their language skills and provides a wide range of learning opportunities. At Kids Heaven Secondary School, we help children discover their talents and offer them the right training.
  • Smart Classes
  • "Transforming education with smart classes - the smart way to learn!"
  • Computer Lab
  • "Preparing our students for a digital world with our advanced computer lab facilities!"
  • Cctv Surveillance
  • "Ensuring a safe and secure learning environment with our advanced CCTV facilities for kids!"
  • Free Tuition Cum Preparatory Classes For All Students
  • "Providing a solid foundation for success - free tuition and preparatory facilities for all students at our school!"
  • Extensive Infrastructure With Large Play Ground
  • A place to play, a place to learn and grow.